Well, "we" is just me- and Marshall! My name is Kelsey McKain. Marshall is my pug. We live with my husband Ben in Louisville, KY. I've always loved being creative and designing things, but I've been doing it professionally for a couple years now. 

I grew up in a small, southern Indiana town going to a small, southern Indiana church. Growing up, my dad was a pastor and my mom was a church secretary, so to say I understand small-town Christian churches would be an understatement.

I love the local church and I think they have incredible things to offer, but they often get overlooked because they don't have the resources to draw in seekers- to make that "first impression" they're looking for. 

I want to help local churches produce high-quality graphics that will bring seekers back, breed trust, and open the door for your church to share the gospel with everyone who walks in the door!